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New Jersey Substance Abuse Monitoring System (NJSAMS)
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NJSAMS meets all federal HIPAA confidentiality standards
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NJSAMS includes a series of statistical reports which describe the characterictics of the New Jersey substance abuse treatment population.  
(Data from current NJSAMS participant agencies )
Reporting Process Information

(In case of internet connection interruption, data entry form on paper should be downloaded and saved on your local computer at all time)

Data Entry Form on Paper for Administrative Module
Data Entry Form on Paper for Assessment Module
Data Entry Form on Paper for Spirituality&Jcaho
Data Entry Form on Paper for LOCI
NJSAMS Code Book (Data Dictionary)
CASI (Adolescent) Download - PDF File
(To be used for CASI in NJSAMS only)
Data Entry Form on Paper for DASIE

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For NJSAMS Technical Assistance, please contact call center at 609-777-2164 (or)
Request for Client's Information Correction Form must be faxed to 609-341-2327; attention Trina Jordan